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Empowered Mums Member – Lucy Deslandes (Energy Magic)

http:// Samples of Lucy's artowrk Connect with Lucy ABOUT LUCY DESLANDES Based in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, I have pursued my passion for Feng Shui and other metaphysical studies for the past 16 years. Practising Feng Shui inspired me to paint and create artworks that influence energy and encourage shifts, with symbolic references to Feng Shui ideals. I see myself as an 'Energy Magician' with the ability to clear and lift energy in your life and home. MY QUALIFICATIONS Form and Landscape School Training in Feng Shui with Hermann von Essen – South Australia Dowsing and EMF training with Hermann von Essen – South Australia Master Practitioner Certificate with Lillian Too – Malaysia­ Advanced Flying Star Training with Lillian Too – Malaysia Chinese Astrology and Paht Chee with Lillian Too – Malaysia Usui Reiki 1 & 2 with John Henderson – South Australia EFT Training with Annie O’Grady – South Australia Angel Intuitive with Doreen Virtue – Coolum, Queensland Advanced Channelling with Nicole Cody - Byron Bay, NSW Accelerated Channelling with Nicole Cody - Byron Bay, NSW Intuition with Nicole Cody - Byron Bay, NSW Chakra Wisdom with Nicole Cody - Byron Bay, NSW The Shamans Journey with Hank Wesselman - Esalen, California Energy Medicine with Deborah King - online and Arizona Interior Design Certificate – Marleston College of TAFE – SA Certificate 1V in Small Business... read more

10 Traits of A Fully Empowered Woman

There is an air about a strong woman that is undeniably attractive, yet it has nothing to do with appearance.  She knows who she is, and what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to go out and make it happen.   Empowerment is a moment to moment journey, a choice that rests on each decision we make. If we as women can make more decisions from a place of inner strength, we can create a better life, and ultimately contribute to a better world. 1.  She takes responsibility for her life An empowered woman knows that to own her power, she must also own her sh*t. She is continually healing, learning and growing at all times. She uncovers and heals the fears, wounds, sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs that have held her back. She heals her past wounds because she knows that if she doesn’t, she will continue recreating them. She releases unhealthy patterns from her lineage and takes full responsibility for her own actions. She questions and challenges the unconscious societal narratives that have limited the role of a woman in the world. Embodiment  Notice when you are acting from a place of fear, a limiting belief or someone else’s desires - that you may not feel comfortable with. Challenge yourself to make new choices. Find the support and the healing you need. This can sound overwhelming, but with the right resources to support you, it will be well worth it. 2.  She dances to the beat of her own drum Empowered women know they are the authors of their own experience. When you heal and clear old beliefs, programs... read more

Member Angi King – Heal Your Life

  If you want to create more abundance in your life learn to love yourself and change your beliefs and release your self sabotaging habits. Nurture and love yourself and see your life transform. Change your beliefs and change your life. It's time to become your best friend and nurture and love yourself. Register for her online program and connect with her on facebook Angi King.... read more

Featured Member: Trish Springsteen

From Introvert  to Award Winning Public Speaker Mentor Coach Author For many years I avoided public speaking – I was most certainly an introvert.  I had great jobs and opportunities, however I avoided speaking and networking. 3 events changed my life and started me on my business journey. I found a mentor who pushed, prodded and pulled me into speaking and I finally realised how much I enjoyed speaking and training.  So much so that with my business partner we started the business Trischel and for many years we conducted training workshops privately and with corporate organisations. The 2nd event was seeing Steven Bradbury win his gold medal in the winter Olympics. Watching his interviews I realised the power of being prepared, being prepared to grab opportunities effectively when they came along.  This has become a mantra and a driving force for my business.  My mission is to help my clients, specifically published and soon to be published authors, and introverts to realise that public speaking is the key to success.  Public speaking skills and techniques  will give them the confidence to be ready to grab opportunities when they come. The 3rd event was in 2007 when we lost our son Craig to suicide.  I had to give the eulogy at his funeral and there were no second chances with this – it had to be done right and done then.  It was not until many weeks later when I was processing everything that I realised that the it was the confidence from my public speaking skills that allowed me to do that eulogy and do due testament to... read more

M.A.S Accountants: Tips for first time business entrepreneurs

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Starting something new is a big change – especially if it’s been ruminating for some time. It could mean a big change in your lifestyle and career path too, so a few people may find the adjustment is quite difficult. m.a.s accountants have been in the small business accounting industry for 50 years, witnessing the growth of many different businesses that originally started out as a good idea. Crunching the numbers and working with business owners‘ decisions over the years has led them to experience a lot and gather some wisdom. Here are their tips for first time business entrepreneurs: If you have a big idea, make sure you can pitch that idea and share it within 30 seconds. If you can say it within 30 seconds, your business path is clear. If you start rambling around, you may seem like you are still quite unsure. Start small and do not be overly ambitious at the start – no one is expecting you to own a huge office and large employee base. You’ll likely work out your living room for a while, and that’s fine! You don’t want to find yourself struggling to pay your bills or employees. By starting small, you are pressing your expenditure to a minimum and you are not putting too much pressure on your business to do well immediately. It’s important that you know your field and that you’re not jumping into a new industry simply because your idea sounds sexy or cool to you. Enter it because you know it well and you are prepared... read more

The Art of Networking with Janet Culpitt (Interview)

Janet Culpitt is a mentor for passionate SME business owners, looking to expand their business and create a successful plan for growth and sustainability. Her life long experience in the business industry and entrepreneurship, allows her to educate and lead her clients to developing impeccable skills in networking and forming long lasting connections. She is passionate about teaching business staff how to confidently promote the business they are in and create a circle of partners and opportunities with professionalism and integrity. Janet believes in the power of networking with confidence and can be found transforming business relations through workshops and private... read more

Interview with Yvonne Morrison (The Business Boutique)

Where do you see business owners go wrong with their finance? 1. Avoid signing up for every shiny thing. While well intended some expenses are like gym memberships. You sign up but never use them. Review these, cancel some to give yourself some instant cashflow. 2. Don't give yourself away for free. Make sure you have contracts or terms of agreement in place with your clients. Clients should pay up front or as the project progresses. 3. Work in areas that generate money. Ask yourself is this task growing my business, generating me income or am I procrastinating? 4. Love your finances. Outsourcing to a bookkeeper/accountant is smart but keep in touch with your finances. Learn to understand them so you can make smart decisions. 5. Your money is your BFF. Treat your money as your BFF, be honest, keep in touch and give yourself permission to grow a flourishing friendship. Can you please tell us about your love your numbers program and what's included in it? The Love Your Number Program is an e-course designed to give you the confidence to understand the finances in your business. You don't need a head for numbers or an accounting degree. Learn to look at your finances so you can decide where to spend your money. 'Is this helping me and my business?'. Put easy processes in place to help your customers pay you immediately or as quickly as possible. Learn to price what you are worth. Don't give yourself away for free. The program teaches you to understand the jargon without overwhelm so you can work with your bookkeeper/accountant... read more

My Story – Operation Admin Charlie

Who are OAC? Operation Admin Charlie is a Virtual Assistant operation. We thrive to help operate your business run more efficiently. Our Operation is focused on the core section being Operation Administration and Operation Charlie being our family local community focus. We are based in Cairns, Queensland, but offer our services nationally & internationally. My name is Krissie Kate and I am the owner and operator of OAC; we have an extensive background in Aviation, Travel & Tourism.  Airlines worked for include Singapore, Virgin & Cathay Pacific – Within the UK & Australia. Roles including: Training in travel operations, travel agent software & airport operating systems, Event Management, Personal Assistant, & Airport Operations. What does a virtual assistant do? VAs provides services remotely. They offer services that would normally be done by a personal assistant in offices, for example admin support, call minding, message taking, diary management, filtering emails, bookkeeping, marketing, project support , typing, internet research, cold calling etc. Reputable VAs are experienced and focused self employed professionals who work independently to your deadlines – they are not temps! VAs uses their office and equipment. You do not have to pay their tax, super, insurance and other expenses that accrue with permanent and temporary staff. Generally, VAs are very flexible. You can get cheaper rates for more mundane work. Some VAs specialise, so you may want to find one for your specific business needs. What are the benefits of using a virtual assistant? Using a VA means you can concentrate on the business rather than the paperwork that goes with it. You get more time to do what you do... read more

(VIDEO INTERVIEW) 5 Top Tips to Succeed in 2016 with  Miranda Powell (Angelic Intuitive)

BIO Miranda Powell is an Angelic Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master Teacher and Numerologist; she started Angelic Reiki Light Healing to provide Divine guidance for those in need of Angelic Guidance, readings and other healing services. Miranda offers holistic healing sessions and instruction that span a variety of healing modalities.  She is a lifelong clairvoyant that works with the Angelic Realm and can distant healings, intuitive angel readings. For more information on Miranda and the workshops she presents, please visit YOU COULD WIN Please watch the interview, share it on your facebook personal profile and tag Melissa Groom, and leave a comment under the video and share what you took away from her interview to be in the chance to win a membership to Empowered Mums and promotion on Mums In Business Australia with over 7,000... read more
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"A great group that is supportive of mums in business. Have spoken at and visited this group and have found it well run and worth visiting. Melissa Groom is excellent at holding a wonderful space to assist those in business."

- Trish Springsteen

"Melissa Groom through Empowered Mums creates a warm, engaging, real and safe place for mums in (or looking to get into) business to connect, learn and grow. There is no pretense or BS just a real community of mumpreneurs looking for education, connection and growth. Mel is awesome to work with and I'd highly recommend her networking events and mentoring...In one hour with her she taught me how to use and leverage Google Hangouts to add value to my business - gold!!"

- Rachael Watt

"A wonderful collection of friendly, supportive and inspiring women in business! I have made many life-long friends as a result of this group and the high quality of people it attracts is due to the wonderful leader Melissa Groom - an absolute super star."

- Katrina Voevodin

"Excellent support,and a lot of priceless knowledge shared."

- Adrianna Maggi

"Without the support of Empowered Mums and Melissa Groom I wouldn't be where my I am today. My business has grown and so has my self confidence. I'm proud to be a part of this fantastic community that helps women achieve, grow and have the businesses they've always wanted."

- Yvonne Morrison

“Melissa Groom offers mums in business an opportunity to join a community of amazing women entrepreneurs at Empowered Mums. Here I have found a place to grow and learn the ins and outs of expanding my business. Melissa and this community have offered me encouragement and direction. Working with Melissa for just a short time I have learned practical ways to improve, expand and market my business. My online traffic has increased and I am experiencing a huge spike in clients. All thanks to video marketing and learning to do classes online, finding my Niche, creating a clear elevator speech not to mention so many other wonderful tools. The experience with Melissa and the Empowered Mums community has been an invaluable opportunity! Thank you Melissa. "

- Miranda Powell

“Melissa Groom is truly one of a kind, creating a space where Mums in Business can meet, support, grow and be educated to ensure their message is heard and their Business is exposed! It is a warm, friendly environment and a great place to connect with like-minded people where great friendships are created!"

- Tammy Richie



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