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Featured Business: Charlie Caruso – PuggleFM

Charlie Caruso, Founder and CEO of PuggleFM, Winner of The Australian Excellence Awards Women in Business Category, and was recently listed in STM Magazine’s 100 Best and Brightest feature. Her inspiration behind creating PuggleFM essentially came from her role as a mother of two daughters. Charlie understands she isn’t alone in undertaking the busy balancing act, juggling a career, motherhood, running a house and attempting a personal life. Far from it, she is like the vast majority of busy mums loading their lives full with never-ending errands, tasks and things to do. And it’s because of this Charlie has committed her time to make it easier for other parents walking similar tight ropes. “Podcasting makes accessing news and information much easier when you’re on the go” Charlie said in a recent interview “Instead of listening to the scandal and sensationalism included on most commercial radio talkback programs, it’s nice to tune in and listen to the latest information on health reforms, or what is happening in the education system – all while I am able to cook, or exercise, or drive the kids to school, or shower! The explosion of the digital age has allowed me to have the podcasts I love load directly to my phone, where I can listen to them when I’m ready, have my busy life, but still stay connected to the things that matter – that’s what PuggleFM is all about”. Charlie initially come up with the concept of PuggleFM while was driving her two children to kindy. She found herself continually flicking through radio stations to avoid nasal spray ads, inappropriate lyrics, or... read more

Featured Business: Caroline Marvelli – Hootkid

Hootkid has forged its way through the highly competitive children’s wear market to emerge as one of the most popular Australian children’s wear labels. After gaining huge momentum in just two short years, Hootkid has been worn and loved by thousands of children across Australia, New Zealand and around the world, becoming a true cult kids fashion label. Rebecca Judd’s gorgeous son Oscar is one such fan, with the two year old loving his Hootkid ‘Hear me Roar’ hoodie! The same hoodie was also extremely popular on the hit Channel 9 Show ‘House Husbands’ during their second season, with twins Zac and Jacob wearing that and other Hootkid pieces on almost every episode. The girls weren’t left out either with the cute character of Poppy rocking the Rainbow Ra Ra dress on multiple occasions. A mish-mash of colours and styles with bags of personality; Hootkid is all about making kid’s fashion affordable, entertaining and totally outrageous. Inspired by kids ‘just having fun’, Hootkid was founded by Caroline Marvelli, a savvy Melbourne businesswomen with years of fashion experience gained as a buyer for some of Australia’s biggest and best retailers. Caroline wanted to craft a new generation of edgy street wear and accessories for children that let kids be kids and brought fun into their lives! Caroline is extremely proud of the label and what it has achieved since its inception back in 2011. “We are continuing to spread our message of fun, fearless fashion across the country and we are loving how many kids are getting their hoot-on!” Stocked in over 70 stores across Australia and overseas, Hootkid designs... read more

Featured Business: Caroline Africh – Attipas Australia

From 40 Weeks to 40 Winks (or there lack of) As a career focused, hardworking 20-something banker in London, I thought nothing of the fact that I was pregnant and worked right up until 40 weeks. Yes, I literally finished a conference call with the CFO of EMEA as I popped into the maternity unit and had my baby. Up until that point, the thought of NOT returning to work was out of the question. Why WOULDN’T I want to go back to my well-paying, highly demanding job at RBS? Surely I could blackberry AND breastfeed simultaneously? How hard could this baby stuff really be? Well, rumour has it that having a baby is life-changing, and that I can now vouch for. The moment I returned home with a bundle in my arms, the thought of returning to work was NOT an option. It was out of the question. I didn’t want to be away from my baby for even a micro-second. Time went by and before I knew it, a year had passed. In that space we had moved back to Sydney and I started thinking about returning to work.  I had always loved working but the sad reality was I could not fathom returning to banking. That type of career does not cater well to the stay-at-home mum. It was at this point, as I was hanging washing on the line, the idea of Attipas Australia was born. A pair of shoes that I had casually purchased in Japan on a holiday had become the talk of the town. These shoe-socks, as I coined them, were unlike... read more

Featured Business: Blossy Bloom

Necessity the mother of invention! Savvy Aussie mums create funky adolescent bra range Finding the right first bra can be a tough task for both mum and daughter. Melbourne mum and BlossyBloom co-founder, Josie Chapman, experienced the difficulty of bra shopping with her daughter first hand. Mother and daughter struggled to find a bra they both approved of. Josie did not want to buy a padded bra for her daughter, but any bra that Josie picked out for her daughter to try on was met with a cry of “but that’s something Nanna would wear!” Josie and her daughter searched many shops but found nothing. After her frustrating experience, Josie chatted with many mums, including friends Rebekah Hancock and Jo Konstandinou about how dismayed she felt with the lack of training bra options available and she found out she was not alone.  So many other mums found the whole bra buying business for their daughters just as frustrating. It was then that these three mums realised the need for comfy, stylish bras that both mums and daughters would love and agree on! This led the mums to create BlossyBloom. Two years later, after many late nights and weekends spent researching samples, testing bras, building the website and some very funny but also stressful moments, BlossyBloom was officially ‘born’ in January 2013. BlossyBloom creates age appropriate bras that are still fun and funky; beautiful bras made just for ‘young blossoms’. For BlossyBloom, this especially means creating bras without padding or underwire. “Our mantra is girls are perfect just the way they are. We don’t believe that we should make girls... read more

Featured Business: Becky Brandle – Moonlight Office Solutions

I started my working life many years ago in customer service as a checkout operator for Tuckerbag. I worked part-time there for 5 years during which I completed my HSC. I then moved on to working at RMIT University, firstly as a Technical Officer, then when that 12 month contract finished I moved over to an Administration Officer role. I then spent the best part of 15 years working at the University in various admin roles from Administration Officer to Admin Systems Officer then onto IT Coordinator and Web Manager.   Working at a University had its benefits as I managed to get my Diploma in Information Technology as well as a Certificate II in Information Technology (Computer Applications). At the end of 2003 I took 12 months off for the birth of my daughter. Upon returning to my previous role I was to find out 11 months later that I was retrenched. What a gut renting experience that was. After about 6 months at home I managed to find more admin work, this time at Australia Posts head office. What started off as a 4 week end of financial year contract, turned into almost 3 wonderful years. I worked as an Executive Assistant to one of the high level managers in the Corporate IT Department. In 2009 my daughter started primary school and as the role was in the city with a daily commute of 3 hours, I left Australia Post to be a stay at home mum. This lasted about 12 months before I became bored and then started my own Virtual Assistant Business. In 2010 I also... read more

Featured Business: Anna Occhiuzzi – Play & Learn Education

As a parent of two boys aged 9 and 5, my children’s education and their development has become a huge part of my life. This year, my youngest child started primary school and since commencing has struggled with his learning.  I looked to the internet for resources available to aid in his learning.   It was at that point that I realised my son was a visual learner who also required repetition for him to retain any information. As part of his schooling curriculum they learn a series of sight words. The sight words are Magic Sight Words, Dolch or Fry Sight Words and are taught in many schools.  At my son’s school they learn the “Magic Words”.  The children must be able to recognise the word by sight.  As they progress through the levels, not only does their word bank grow but so does their reading The beginning of our story commenced when I embarked on a journey to create an APP for my child, Dante. At the start of his educational experience and entering primary school, Dante was struggling with learning his sight words. After developing this APP and using Dante as my inspiration, he now finds this APP engaging, colourful, and especially adores the FIVE superhero characters, Lightening Girl, Electro Boy, Aqua Girl, Rocket Boy and Neptune Boy.  It was both my boys who suggested the superheroes ties. I put together a presentation on my app, my goals, objectives, and ultimately what I wanted to achieve from it. I then tendered out my project, but not after several months of planning, research, late hours working and developing characters,... read more

Featured Business: Angela Stafford – Angela’s Wild Kitchen

Hi, I am a mother and passionate cook and artist. I can happily say that my business and my passion are one which is why I love what I do so much! My main goal is to educate people about healthy food and creative cooking so that they may live their lives in happiness, free of illness and behavioral issues associated with poor food choices. I have always loved art and cooking and had a general interest in nutrition. I combined these interests in my first cookbook, published back in 2005. It was called Wild Morsels and was illustrated with pencil drawings. It was later published by New Holland under the name Wild Vegan. Once I had children, my interest in nutrition intensified as I wanted to give them the best start in life. At this time I studied a Diploma of Health Sciences in Kinesiology. A large part of that study involved looking at nutrition from many different angles including: Chinese medicine Body types Blood types. This gave me a good foundation to write a family cookbook aimed at helping children to fall in love with healthy food and cooking. The result was Fairytale Food Safari, A Wholefood Family Cookbook. It is presented in story book style featuring water colour paintings of fairies, dragons and witches. It contains: 70 pages of nutritional and cooking information that children will understand over 200 recipes complete with playtime tips to teach diversity and creativity in cooking. All recipes are coded according to dietary needs (dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free) Recipes are also coded according to difficulty. The recipes are also vegetarian because... read more

Featured Business: Andrea Britton – Assist A Parent Australia

3 years ago I gave my highly stressful 60 hours per week job to become a more hands on mummy. I have worked within the childcare industry for the past 10 years and I never had the flexibility to go to playgroups or help with reading at school, therefore we developed Assist A Parent Australia. Assist A Parent Australia is a family owned and run business, with two little ones it make for interesting meetings MULTI TASKING Assist A Parent Australia provides “Any Venue”, convenient, onsite services but most of all peace of mind childcare services. These venues may include in a private residence, Hotel, Wedding & Function Venue, Gyms and much more. Assist A Parent Australia provides fully qualified (within childcare industry) professionals. It is a mandatory requirement that all providers employed by Assist A Parent Australia have childcare relevant qualifications with a minimum of 2 years’ experience, a current CPR and 1st Aid Certificate, a positive working with children blue card and a yearly Police check. All providers are covered by Domestic workers insurance and Professional Indemnity & Public Labiality insurance. It is our aim to assist each family within their everyday circumstances and cover any requirements the client may request, therefore providing a first class service without the price tag. Need a qualified childcare professional??? Look no further contact Assist A Parent Australia It is our goal to provide affordable, quality childcare through stress free convenient services to assist in everyday circumstances. Services we provide Casual Childcare, Weekend Childcare and After Hours Childcare: In-home care, Hotels & Resorts, Function Centre’s, Weddings, and Crèches.  Parental Assistance: Specialising in assisting parents... read more

Featured Business: Amy Roche – Scentsy Independent Consultant

Hi!  My name is Amy Roche and I am a full-time online instructor for a homeschooling company based out of Baltimore, Maryland.  But that is not my story!  My story actually begins with Scentsy.  You see, I am also a Scentsy Independent Consultant.  Deciding to join Scentsy has been one of the best decisions of my life!  And so, naturally, I want to share the same opportunity with everyone I possibly can! So what is Scentsy? Scentsy is a direct sales company which sells candle warmers, a safe alternative to scented candles, as well as many other scented products.  These candle warmers melt and warm wax cubes, releasing the fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets.  With Scentsy you say goodbye to smoke and soot for good! With over 40 Candle Warmers, 20 Plug-ins and 80 different scents to buy, Scentsy has something for everyone. Additionally, Scentsy offers Fragrances on the Go such as Scent Paks, Fragrance Foams, Room Sprays, Scent Circles and Travel Tins! So why am I telling you about this?  Starting on September 1st, Scentsy will be coming to Australia!  Anyone residing in Australia will be able to sign-up as a consultant and start building a team.  This is a huge opportunity for any Australian because Australians spend, on average, 95 billion dollars a year on scented household products. Scentsy’s philosophy of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity has made it one of the fastest growing companies the direct selling industry has ever seen. And YOU ARE INVITED to grow right along with us! As an Independent... read more

Featured Business: Alison Ayers – Independent Consultant for Arbonne International

Hi there, My name is Alison Ayers and I’m a very proud Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, a 33 year old company that produces beautiful botanically based skincare, cosmetics, and nutrition products. Starting my own home based business was something that was not on my agenda at the beginning of this year. I was looking at getting back into the workforce after staying at home since 2005 to raise my three young girls. But going back to what I was doing prior to having children (hairdressing and retail management), wasn’t a viable option for me. Daycare costs and not having flexible enough working hours meant sacrificing too much to earn too little. So what to do... A dear friend of mine who’d recently become a part of Arbonne could see I was at a crossroads. So she showed me this business model that I was completely unfamiliar with, in the health and wellness industry, which was also something I knew nothing about. But I could see the huge opportunity immediately. I understood that this was a ‘learn-as-you-go’ business. So I jumped in and haven’t looked back… well I have, but the view from here is SO much better than where I was six months ago. I’m so glad to have the opportunity here to explain what it is I actually do. This is a network marketing business, or “word of mouth” if you like. Which is just an alternative, very effective way to move products from the manufacturer to the consumer. But despite what you might think, it’s not about selling loads of products. This is a business of... read more
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