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Pain or Pleasure – What force is stronger in Sales?

Pain or Pleasure – What force is stronger in Sales? In the world of business I have been told many times over that in order to be successful in business your product or service must solve a persons problem.  Your customer will either want to stop PAIN in their life or they will want to add PLEASURE into their life.  What I have found though, is that a solution based on removing pain AND adding pleasure will give your client more satisfaction that addressing just one of these. Customers like to be informed and understand why they need your product or service.   The more information they have, the more in control they feel and the more willing they are to make a decision that they will be happy about. So, what sort of problems are your customers facing? Ask your customers…..Do some research…. Look at your product/service and ask yourself “What PAIN is my customer experiencing without using my product/service?” Here are some things your customer may be facing without having their problem solved; Insufficient Cash flow – not having the money available when it is needed Growing debt Physical discomfort or pain - Anxiety, Insomnia, Headaches Loneliness, grief, anger, embarrassment Confusion or Overwhelm Immobility – physical and geographical (transportation) Potential future pain – what if? So then, how do we know if we are solving a problem? Ask your customers…..Do some research…. Look at your product/service and ask yourself “What PLEASURE does my customer receive when they use my product/service?” Here are some things your customer may be receiving when you are solving their problem; Saving money Making... read more
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