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My Story – Hattgriff Handmade, Gabrielle Hatty

Hello. My name is Gabrielle Hatty and I love to sew! I have recently launched my new business – Hattgriff Handmade. It has been an interested journey coming to this time in my life, and it’s truly something I had never expected! My obsession with sewing began with the therapeutic need to create something beautiful following my magnificent Dad's sudden passing. A friend suggested I make a memory quilt using fabric from my Dad’s shirts. It wasn’t easy, in reality it took me over a week to recover from having to cut up the first shirt but in the end I was determined. Not only did I finish one quilt, I managed to complete six. One for each of my sisters, my Mother and my two sons. The fact that my boys now sleep under warm, delightfully heavy quilts that feature part of their Grandfather’s life, warms my heart. From there I began sewing each and every day. Around the births and breastfeeding of my three young children, as my Husband and I completed our handmade house in the Yarra Valley. Over time it has evolved, I love to sew handmade gifts for birthdays, Christmas and when new babies arrive. I have learned to sew clothing for my children and I love the fact that there is a new challenge and so many things I’ve never sewn before! I’ve discovered hand pieced hexies and my next quilt will feature these new and intricate shapes. It’s not fashionable but I love to hand sew whilst watching my children at play. My two beautiful boys welcomed a lovely little sister nearly a year... read more

My Story – Kangatraining, Sarah Tarrant

Top 5 tips for Mums in Business: Know your market: Keep learning and understanding what your target market wants and needs. Nothing stays the same so keep evolving! Be organized: This is the key! This will also assist with your time management especially as all mother are extremely time poor. Put your phone down: Something I have trouble doing. As we can access nearly everything from our smart phones we need family time and time away from technology. This also gives our mind a break and makes us think more clearly when we go back to the computer. Don’t be hard on yourself: You can only do what you can do! Try your best and know that you don’t have to get back to people right then and there. Try and do one thing at a time properly rather than 100 things at once (YES, easier said than done!) Enjoy it: No point doing something you don’t love that ends up having a negative effect on your life rather than a positive one. Always aim for balance and…. keep breathing. Where did the idea of Kangatraining begin? I first learnt of Kangatraining in 2012 on a trip to Europe as my Austrian sister was getting married. One day, she mentioned that she has to attend Kangatraining class with her little boy who was 6 months old. Curious, I tagged along to watch and couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s a complete workout for mums, but unlike traditional classes, new mums don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter because the babies are worn on them and get to be... read more

My Story – Metaltech, Corrie & Adam Pierce

Metaltech designs and creates metal sculptures, panels, planter boxes, indoor and outdoor art and custom designs with our plasma cutter. Our designs are our own creations, made from our imaginations, research and from client’s visions. We put hours of our time into the creations we make and we love it. We love creating and learning new techniques along the way and through extensive research and time spent mastering new programs we are developing our talents further. Although we have only been in business for a short time we have learnt many things and have had many new opportunities and successes. What started out as an outlet to let off steam for my husband, has become a passion and a business for the both of us. As a stay at home mum to two, I was struggling with not connecting with people. Metaltech has not only opened up doors I never knew existed but has created the chance to balance family and work life. As a husband and wife team, we have discovered that we share a vision together, one that has brought us closer (and at times further apart!) and has enabled us to create something that we feel strongly about. Adam, a graphic designer, passionate about art from a young age, has dabbled in games design and drawing but wanted to take his designs and turn them into reality. His passion is envisioning the creation in his mind, designing it and then making it happen in metal. Corrie, an organised mum of two, was looking for her niche in the world, when Adam started designing and cutting some... read more

My Story – MAD, Marie Ashworth

My name is Marie Ashworth and I am the owner of MAD (Marie Ashworth Designs), which is located in Tinderbox, Tasmania. I am a fashion designer, artist and a creator of artistic costumes (Figure Skating, Dance and Gymnastics) I also have a diploma in Make-up Artistry, receiving Honours in my Year. I have studied Fashion Design and completed several certificates in Fine Arts. I use my knowledge and strength of being in the arts and fashion design to create costumes, and design one off garments I have always sewn costumes for theatre, made back drops, and studied in the arts. Whilst working in Turkey at the International School, I created backdrops for the school production, and with the aid of the children we created a mural in the library. I also taught art for years 1 to 7, and ran a sewing course after school. In 2014 / 2015 I work for a company called Flash Fabrics, where I was the Assistant Manager for the store, which turned into being the Manager of Bridal / Uniform Design - designing wedding gowns, lever dresses and special occasion gowns, also helping customers with fabric selection and design ideas. These garments were made by seamstresses in the area. MAD came about when my daughter started (2007) figure skating. The costumes are extremely expensive so I decided to make them myself. This was when I was first starting out, I thought I knew everything and didn’t succeed, I made a lot of mistakes. So I took a step back, did a lot of reading and studying, and finally after being retrenched from Flash... read more

My Story – Reality Health, Shannon Ball

My Name is Shannon, I am a single mum located near Coolangatta QLD. I have a young son who is beautiful, he is nearly 3. I left his father when he was born as he had drug and alcohol problems and I moved back home with my parents to raise my son. I have studied while, most importantly, I have been a mother. I am now a fully qualified personal trainer as well as having completed my childcare certificate and now I am studying my post-grad in Law. I have started my own group fitness classes by the beach in Coolangatta, which I love. I have a small group of over 50's clients who have become like my family and who I am very fond of. I have watched them grow and become fitter and healthier and they have all become great friends. I am now planning to start a challenge for a younger group of people in October and am very excited about this prospect. My challenge begins on October 5th and includes 3 sessions per week, pre/post challenge body scans, photos and fitness testing, measurements and a challenge singlet. I have struggled with marketing my business and have at time made mistakes, and being a single parent I have not had a lot of money to invest in my business. I trained my current clients for 12 months for free while I was studying which built me up a small but loyal client base, I offer a very special rate for them as they have stayed with me throughout this time. I love my business, I love the work and I am passionate... read more

My Story – Aster & Oak, Melissa Blight

Starting a business from home was nothing like I thought it would be. Being a mum was hard enough but then add into the mix a business based in the house and we are talking turmoil, craziness and looooong nights! But I needed to do something for myself, something to keep my mind active and keep the depression at bay. I have suffered depression all my life and I found the busier I was, the less it crept up on me. I started my first business when I was 27 after having my son. It was very successful but was not fulfilling, I didn't like the idea of selling other peoples products and wanted to do something for myself, something I could create and nurture to its full potential. I had a brainstorming session and asked myself – What am I good at? What am I passionate about? What do I already know how to do? It started as a dream to create something I loved and to do my little tiny part for the environment. My son had suffered from allergies and rashes as a baby and I wanted to offer a safer and more natural alternative to other parents out there when it came to dressing their children. So with a background in web design and graphic design I started drawing up some clothing designs. Skip forward 2 years and I now have two beautiful children, a very caring and supportive husband and am the proud founder / owner of organic baby clothing brand Aster & Oak. When I started the brand I had to learn every... read more

My Story – AvieLou Designs

Hello…. Welcome to the world of AvieLou Designs. AvieLou started from a love of creating functional, practical and fun products for little ones and not being able to find what I was envisioning in any shops. From very humble beginnings making things for friends, I made the decision to launch AvieLou to the general public after leaving my full-time office job when my daughter was diagnosed with a genetic illness. Who am I you ask? I’m Fi. Owner, creative force and Chief of Chaos at AvieLou Designs. After launching AvieLou and getting my head wrapped around being responsible for tasks that would usually require 10 specifically trained staff, I have become pleasantly comfortable in being afforded the best of both worlds, not missing a thing in my daughter’s world and my role as a Mummy and still working and doing something I am passionate about. I have become an expert at time-management, juggling schedules and pinning new patterns while chopping veggies for dinner. AvieLou launched in early 2015 after months of planning, sourcing the best possible products, trials and re-trials, lots of late nights and too much coffee and many many hours of questioning and testing on my ever supportive and patient friends and family. I run AvieLou from home, in Sydney’s western suburbs and am loving every crazy minute of my new-found role as Boss. I love dreaming up new ideas (a pencil and pad of paper now lives on my night stand in case inspiration hits at 3am), creating and nurturing my desire to continually refine and expand and connect with people who share the same loves... read more

My Story – Fit Mama Ali

I was never into fitness as a child, I avoided it if possible!  I eventually started doing some running because I thought it would help me lose weight and get skinny.  And so started my yoyo dieting and exercise approach, which lasted for years. I studied at university and became a pharmacist.   I spent some years travelling around Australia doing locum pharmacist work and while doing this I usually joined a gym to exercise.  I began to enjoy lifting weights and so I decided to study to become a personal trainer. I got married and we moved back to Adelaide, with the intention of finding some PT work.  But I ended up working in pharmacy and soon after bought into one and became an owner there (still ongoing now). My first turning point for health and fitness was training and competing in a bodybuilding show.  I learnt how to be disciplined and dedicated to achieve my goals.  When I stepped on stage in my tiny bikini and stripper heels I had lost 13kg over 20 weeks!  I was super lean, and also super hungry!  Afterwards I struggled with food and over time put the weight back on, plus a little more. My second turning point for health and fitness was getting pregnant.  I had a difficult pregnancy and suffered sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) the entire 9 months, right up until the day I gave birth.  I could not exercise for the 9 months, not even a walk around the block without feeling light headed and dizzy.  I struggled immensely with this!  Previously I had all these grand plans of... read more

My Story – Angelic Affirmation Stickers, Tuihana

INTRODUCING ANGELIC AFFIRMATION STICKERS Angelic Affirmation Stickers are static cling stickers that can be applied, and re applied to smooth shiny surfaces many times over without adhesive. My Story Angelic Affirmation Stickers began as a project inspired by the Archangels in 2010, which in the fun and spirit of the creation process I named "Operation Dream a Little Dream" and declared it my top secret project... which by the way, quickly turned into A Vision of Love. I was learning about Reiki, and the concept of water having consciousness (with the idea of writing words of empowerment on to water bottles to infuse the water with positive energy before drinking it), when the Angels shoulder tapped me with the inspiration to create something quite unique. Suddenly I wanted more than to write simple words on my water bottle... gosh I know angels! I can do way better than that! That's when the angels turned up the pressure so to speak, and got REALLY loud! A typical tactic they use to get my attention so I don't ignore their guidance or presence. From there the concept was formed, and I began my journey to create what I have called Angelic Affirmation Stickers, Talismans of Good Fortune & Empowerment. What do the Archangels think about this product?  While I was inspired and guided by the Archangels this was very much my own creation; however my team of Archangels were beside me all the way providing guidance, and feedback on all aspects. One conversation I'm happy to share with you started with my declaring 'I want them (Angelic Affirmation Stickers) to Inspire & Uplift', to which I was... read more

My Story – My Little Booky Wooky, Bianca Ebeling

Have you ever noticed that your newborn is drawn to specific toys or items around your home and then other things just seem completely invisible to them? My newborn was incredibly drawn to a specific light fitting, a painting and my pyjamas. The reason for this only became apparent after my local maternal nurse organised a session for our mother’s group at our local library.  The librarian highlighted the importance of reading to babies and which books are most appropriate for their developmental stage. She also explained that up until the age of 6 months, a baby’s eyesight is rapidly developing. They can only see in black and white and are drawn to high contrast objects. Our black light fixture in the lounge room contrasted with the white ceiling, our painting with several black and white elements and of course my pyjamas, again black and white. No wonder he didn’t like this gorgeous giraffe toy I had made for him in a beautiful cream and pale blue colours! For the first several months of a baby’s life, they simply cannot see these pastel colours that the world seems to associate with babies and surround them with. The librarian recommended getting some black and white books and placing them next to my baby as a stimulating activity for them in their early months. My little one hated tummy time and after the library session I placed a black and white book in front of him and it was as if a magic switch had been flicked. Our son was lasting longer on his tummy than ever before, and actually enjoying it. He... read more
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