Kirsty Sleep

Kirsty Sleep
Kirsty Sleep

Kirsty Sleep will help you get rid of overwhelm in your business. Period. Knowing firsthand how hard it is to get a business "up and running" and then adding the pressure of actually making money, is something very familiar to her. Having launched her second career, as an online marketing coach and women's mentor, she is well-placed to help you get to a place of WIKDT (Wow! I CAN do this!).

With a background of more than 14 years in sales and marketing, she is well equipped to help other women learn the ropes online for their own businesses and passions.

Kirsty also believes her special and secret ingredient is using the POWER of the MIND to make sure women are living their BEST life and creating their BEST business results!

Kirsty Sleep is a women's mentor and mother of three. She specialises in the ground-breaking women's-only process CREATRIX®.
She helps women take back control of their lives, and create a life they love. She is also a Marketing and lead generation guru, specialising in Facebook.

"I'm so happy you found me! Being where you once were, having found the perfect plan of action to take my business and turn it to a profitable passion, I want to help other women do the same thing."

Kirsty's specialties are: Internet Marketing, Sales Professional, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Facebook Marketing, Video marketing, Lead generation, Changing the Lives of Women around the World using the ground-breaking process CREATRIX®


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Kirsty Sleep

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