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Tanya Targett
Tanya Targett
Media & Publicity Expert

Journalist, Public Speaker, Media Expert

I've spent 19 years in the media as a journalist and public relations professional. And I have an intimate understanding of how the media can build credibility and reputation. As a journalist, I have helped people who have never been heard of before, transition from obscurity to “expert” status. And I have watched the positive impact this has had on their lives, their reputations, their standing in the community, their career advancement, their passions and their profits. Have you ever wondered why some people are constantly quoted in the media as ‘the expert’ in their field, but you miss out? It’s not luck, they know something you don’t. I work with small to medium

sized business owners and entrepreneurs and with over 19 years’ experience in journalism and public relations, I understand what makes news. In fact, I made headlines as a journalist and as a business owner; and now as the Headline Hunter I teach you how to do the same. Media, Money and The Power of Profile In my new talk Media, Money and the Power of Profile, I reveal How to Get Over $100K in Continuous FREE Publicity, Build Authority and Become...

The #1 Go To Expert! (not top 10 NUMBER 1)
You see, the media aren’t interested in your products, events, workshops, seminars or even your services, BUT THEY ARE INTERESTED in YOU. Yes YOU , and it doesn’t matter how long you have been operating, in fact, I hadn’t even opened the doors for customers when I made my small business media debut, and it generated SIX FIGURES in FREE PUBLICITY! That’s right, you can be BRAND NEW to your business and to your industry and you can tap into this POWERFUL marketing tool that most businesses don’t know how to use.
And, you don’t even need to know one person in the media to tap into this endless supply of free publicity, to build authority and to become the #1 Go To Exp ert. I will show you where most businesses go wrong, where they’ve tried the media and failed before; and how to make sure you don’t end up as “yesterday’s fish and chip wrappers”.
I will show you:
"The CONTENT BASED Press Release" vs. "The Commercial Sales Pitch"
The 3 Critical Pieces of "The Compelling Story" (every business has them) , and
How To Secure "Multiple Ex
posures" (Create Journo Love)
"The Compelling Pitch” (magnetising journalists to your every word)
Video testimonials:
Melissa Groom, Empowered Mums Business
Tamara Simon, Business Scene Investigation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evwsf1c49
OE Mike Garner
Other testimonials:
"Tanya is very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with the media in your business. Being a journalist herself she has great insights for business owners as to how they may contact and 'catch the eye' of journalists to help build your business profile. After my first coaching session with Tanya I attracted a weekly radio spot within my target market of 'parenting'. Tanya also went the extra mile when it came to assisting me with the information to send out to the media. I would highly recommend Tanya if you want to get the medias attention!" Lillian Reekie, The Parenting Strategist (The Gold Coast). “Hey Tanya thank you heaps!!! Your talented skills and persistence got my story run in the Westside News (and Pine Rivers Press) and then picked up by 96.5FM Radio Station!!! I am very nervous but excited to say that I will be going into the radio station next week for my very first radio interview!”
Beverly Cassidy,
volunteer The Asthma Foundation Queensland

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State - Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne
Title of Event - Media, Money & The Power of Profile
Date - Numerous and ongoing - this is all I do.
Your name - Tanya Targett
Website link for more information – www.media-money-profile.com

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