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Finding Joy in the Shades of Life As I sit here, tired from a night of hardly any sleep, combing nits out of my 5 year old daughters hair I wonder; is there possibly anything else that might just add a bit more juice to my day? If you are a mum in business, you'd probably know what it's like running around chasing your tail (or your kids) whilst being on the phone to a customer, all at the same time as you are trying to get dinner ready, it's full on! So, why do it? Why not just settle for a normal 9-5 job with regular income, less stress and more security? I believe the answer is in the question- we need to have a good enough answer to “why”. If we don't have a good enough reason to start our business, a reason that makes us literally yell in excitement, it's going to be very hard to justify the time, energy and effort needed to follow through. For me, the answer to “why I do it” is simple: PASSION. I have total passion for making a difference in the world. I thrive on getting my message out there to people about how important it is to follow your own bliss, I burn to share my story and music so that I can inspire people to pursue their dreams. But having a dream is one thing, and going out to chase it is another. To be successful we need to work with a clear intent and be really certain of what it is we want to accomplish. We need to tune into ourselves regularly to make sure we are on track and on purpose. So how do I keep sane? Well, the key is to stay balanced, centred and aim to enjoy and be grateful every moment of your life. Work/home balance can be hard, but soon the kids will grow up and there will be a new time, so don't separate them from your journey, bring them along! I have found that the more I include them, the more I feel whole and the happier we are as a family. So when I tell my friends passionately; “I am writing a book! I can't wait to get into!”, I accept that they think I am a total fruit-loop, because I am! But I love it, and I can't see any other way to live my life and be completely happy. I am prepared to deal with the madness of being a mum and an entrepreneur just so that I can experience life fully. Sure it can be tough to balance life sometimes, but if I think what life was like before, when I was living with depression and had no sense of what the meaning of my life was, there is no other way I would rather live. Joy comes from feeling good about yourself and your life. Being a mum in business is all about balance and learning to ride the waves with ease in all shades of life. Book Cover- The Art Of Soulful Living- BY MIRVA Mirva - One EP COVER Want to know how to stay balanced and creatively abundant? Mirva's new book The Art of Soulful LIVING helps you to tap into your inner greatness so that you can live your life with FLOW. For more info, visit Mirva's website: www.mirva.org

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