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From Introvert  to Award Winning Public Speaker Mentor Coach Author

For many years I avoided public speaking – I was most certainly an introvert.  I had great jobs and opportunities, however I avoided speaking and networking.

3 events changed my life and started me on my business journey.


I found a mentor who pushed, prodded and pulled me into speaking and I finally realised how much I enjoyed speaking and training.  So much so that with my business partner we started the business Trischel and for many years we conducted training workshops privately and with corporate organisations.

The 2nd event was seeing Steven Bradbury win his gold medal in the winter Olympics. Watching his interviews I realised the power of being prepared, being prepared to grab opportunities effectively when they came along.  This has become a mantra and a driving force for my business.  My mission is to help my clients, specifically published and soon to be published authors, and introverts to realise that public speaking is the key to success.  Public speaking skills and techniques  will give them the confidence to be ready to grab opportunities when they come.

The 3rd event was in 2007 when we lost our son Craig to suicide.  I had to give the eulogy at his funeral and there were no second chances with this – it had to be done right and done then.  It was not until many weeks later when I was processing everything that I realised that the it was the confidence from my public speaking skills that allowed me to do that eulogy and do due testament to his life.  I would never wish anyone to be in a similar situation but I do know deep in my heart that we are all faced with crisis or difficult situations at some stage in our lives.  Public speaking skills and techniques can be transferred to your business and your personal life to give you the confidence to handle those situations when they arise and to effectively grab opportunities when they come along.

This is why I do what I do.  I mentor published authors and soon to be published authors to turn their books into keynote presentations and introverts to have the confidence to come out from behind the computer and share their message with those that need to hear it.

When I see my clients stand tall with confidence and shine that is what empowers me.

My goal with my business is to support the launch of the Craig Springsteen Memorial Foundation in memory of my son, so his name will never be forgotten.  The aim of the foundation is to provide three scholarships per year to young people to attend university, to develop as an entrepreneur and to do what they love.
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Trish Springsteen
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