Interview with Yvonne Morrison (The Business Boutique)

Where do you see business owners go wrong with their finance?

1. Avoid signing up for every shiny thing. While well intended some expenses are like gym memberships. You sign up but never use them. Review these, cancel some to give yourself some instant cashflow.

2. Don't give yourself away for free. Make sure you have contracts or terms of agreement in place with your clients. Clients should pay up front or as the project progresses.

3. Work in areas that generate money. Ask yourself is this task growing my business, generating me income or am I procrastinating?

4. Love your finances. Outsourcing to a bookkeeper/accountant is smart but keep in touch with your finances. Learn to understand them so you can make smart decisions.

5. Your money is your BFF. Treat your money as your BFF, be honest, keep in touch and give yourself permission to grow a flourishing friendship.

Can you please tell us about your love your numbers program and what's included in it?

The Love Your Number Program is an e-course designed to give you the confidence to understand the finances in your business. You don't need a head for numbers or an accounting degree.

Learn to look at your finances so you can decide where to spend your money. 'Is this helping me and my business?'.

Put easy processes in place to help your customers pay you immediately or as quickly as possible.

Learn to price what you are worth. Don't give yourself away for free.

The program teaches you to understand the jargon without overwhelm so you can work with your bookkeeper/accountant on future financial planning.

Finally build a strong financial foundation for your business. Build your confidence to attract more clients and wealth.

About Yvonne Morrison

Yvonne Morrison is the Chief Cheerleader at The Business Boutique.

Yvonne Morrison HeadshotThe Business Boutique is for womenpreneurs who want to learn to understand the business side of business whilst connecting with a like-minded community of female Entrepreneurs.   This is available through her signature program “Love Your Numbers” or through personal coaching.

The Business Boutique Community” Facebook group is where you will find not only a supportive but an engaged collective of women from all walks of life.

Yvonne has been in business for over ten years helping people understand the numbers in their business. Her first business was as a bookkeeper and to really truly help her clients “get it” she evolved her business into what it is today.

Yvonne is Mum to Sophie and Isabelle and wife to David.  She has also solely been chosen by Smokey and Millie (cats) to be woken each morning at 6am by for feeding!

To find out more about Yvonne Morrison and The Business Boutique you use the above bio links and find her on twitter and Linkedin.

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