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Who are OAC?

Operation Admin Charlie is a Virtual Assistant operation. We thrive to help operate your business run more efficiently. Our Operation is focused on the core section being Operation Administration and Operation Charlie being our family local community focus. We are based in Cairns, Queensland, but offer our services nationally & internationally.


My name is Krissie Kate and I am the owner and operator of OAC; we have an extensive background in Aviation, Travel & Tourism.  Airlines worked for include Singapore, Virgin & Cathay Pacific – Within the UK & Australia. Roles including: Training in travel operations, travel agent software & airport operating systems, Event Management, Personal Assistant, & Airport Operations.

What does a virtual assistant do?

VAs provides services remotely. They offer services that would normally be done by a personal assistant in offices, for example admin support, call minding, message taking, diary management, filtering emails, bookkeeping, marketing, project support , typing, internet research, cold calling etc. Reputable VAs are experienced and focused self employed professionals who work independently to your deadlines – they are not temps!

VAs uses their office and equipment. You do not have to pay their tax, super, insurance and other expenses that accrue with permanent and temporary staff. Generally, VAs are very flexible. You can get cheaper rates for more mundane work. Some VAs specialise, so you may want to find one for your specific business needs.
What are the benefits of using a virtual assistant?

Using a VA means you can concentrate on the business rather than the paperwork that goes with it. You get more time to do what you do best, without having to supervise, train or worry about staff.
VAs are flexible and available outside of normal hours. They have no minimum hour commitment and are only paid for the hours they work. You can use the same highly skilled professional every time you outsource work. The work you give a VA should be completed to deadlines, with no excuses for imperfect work. This means you can keep control.

You will not have to pay recruitment or agency fees, just pay for the time you use the VA. There are no additional tax, national insurance or employee benefits to worry about. If you do not employ anyone else other than the VA you may not need employer’s liability insurance, or pay someone to supervise your staff.

You do not need to find workspace or equipment for a VA, they have their own. So you might save money on office space, or even be able to work from home with the appearance of a full back-up team. No-one need know you use a VA. You can appear to be in control at all times – even if you are not!

Why use a VA?

what-is-va-360x230A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly trained and skilled administrative professional who works with successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, and micro-businesses & families. A virtual assistant provides administrative support and personal support services, without having to be physically present in your office. Communication and collaboration is easily accomplished through phone, fax, e-mail, and the Internet. True assistance is no longer bound by geography.

When you begin to hand over all the things you have been tolerating in your life to VA, you begin to feel an enormous weight lifted from your shoulders You will be able to concentrate on your core business and move forward with the things that are important to you. You are no longer working alone; you have a partner who enthusiastically wants to see you succeed. You will no longer ask, “What is a Virtual Assistant?”

One of the absolute greatest benefits of owning Operation Admin Charlie is I have the opportunity to provide each client the time needed to build his or her business. With my assistance, administrative tasks no longer anchor the client down. The client has the time now to concentrate on his or her core strengths, which brings in the revenue. The client leaves the administrative tasks to OAC to handle!

Operation Admin Charlie

Services offered by OAC:

  • Operations
  • Travel
  • Planning travel budget
  • Booking flights & arranging all other transport required
  • Rescheduling & cancelling flights
  • Booking accommodation & any other reservations
  • Planning and scheduling meetings at the desired destination
  • Organising cruise & out of the box travel
  • Sending timely travel plan reminders
  • Front office reservations
  • Tourism
  • Organising of computer software training
  • Virtual tour operations & phone bookings
  • Hotel & resort front office operations
  • Tour operator research and bookings
  • Organising of tour guides/tour operations for tourists or business executives
  • Reservations
  • Secretarial Services
  • Virtual reception
  • Website content management and maintenance
  • Travel, accommodation & all tourism business requirement bookings
  • Email & Diary management
  • Internet research, data entry
  • Photocopying, scanning , binding and laminating
  • Newsletter preparation and distribution, direct from client’s website or Mailchimp
  • Spreadsheets, creation or maintenance
  • Inbound and outbound call management
  • Business Card Scanning and Filing
  • Setting up and managing client’s social network profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc
  • Ongoing social media support
  • Promoting and managing client’s blogs
  • Inbox management
  • Recruitment Services
  • Initial consultation to establish position available and client’s requirements of existing vacancy
  • Ensure supply meets demand requirements for initial interview
  • Background and referral check
  • Interview suitable candidates
  • Select short-list of suitable candidates for client’s selection
  • Notify applications of result & follow up
  • Admin associated with above
  • Event Co-ordination & Association Management
  • Membership Management
  • Speakers and Entertainment
  • Invitations and Mail outs
  • Ticketing and Seating
  • Invoicing and Processing
  • Registration Desk
  • Venue and Catering Arrangements
  • Renewals and Retentions
  • Database Maintenance
  • Web Maintenance
  • All admin associated with above
  • Local onsite co-ordination & organising

Having a VA can be a valuable part of a team, she knows when you need coffee, can read my mind and we can bring skills to the table that I don’t want or need to do! The value of a VA brings to the business is more than what they do – it is what they allow you to do!’

— Linda Reed-Enever. Thoughtspot PR.

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