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Hi my name is Daniella owner of Threads for Boys. An online store for funky clothing and accessories for boys.

Following the birth of my son in 2013, I found it often difficult and frustrating to find un-boring boys clothes! Every store I would walk into I would be smacked in the face with racks upon racks of pink, sequins and tutus, only to find a lonely little rack at the back of the store with boring boys clothing. These usually came in array of colours ie white and blue, featured cars, robots and dinosaurs. YAWN!

Threads for boys1 After speaking to other parents of boys, who apparently also shared the same frustrations, I decided parents everywhere needed a dedicated store offering stylish, fun and quirky clothing and accessories for their little boys. And so my 3rd child was born – Threads for Boys. 1 and 2 being my husband and son.

I am by far no expert in the retail industry. I just had some background knowledge in E-commerce and some free time I desperately needed to fill. By “free time” I mean in between all the sleep regressions, nappy changes and food throwing.  So yes, I was going into this somewhat blind.

To begin with I had a lot of negative feedback telling me that my idea would never work because boy’s clothes don’t sell! That mums of boys don’t buy “pretty” clothes or spend anywhere as much as they do on their girls. That all boys can get away with one pair of pants/shorts and a few t-shirts. As you can imagine this put a lot of doubt into my head and this was coming from agencies that I had approached to buy clothes from. All I knew was that I wanted to try (and succeed), that I needed a point of deference from all other kids’ stores out there and that I had my husband’s 150% support behind me.

Threads for boys2

It has been several months since I started and I have made many mistakes, had a name change, found my vision, wanted to throw in the towel, and jumped up and down with joy every time I had a sale.  I spend many nights after everyone has gone to sleep researching new labels aka stalking Instagram accounts. I am proud to feature many local designed clothing labels, accessories, decor and more from fellow Aussie and International mums.

I really hope to continue this journey and be able to provide mums of boys around the globe a reason to shop for their little men!

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