Amanda Bude

Amanda Bude
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Groovy Babies
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"Groovy Babies provides an unique service to families encompassing Maternity, Antenatal, Post Natal/ Breastfeeding and Certified Sleep and Settling Consultancy needs".
Specializing in multiples: from one who knows!
Certified Maternity and Sleep and Settling Consultant:
"When flexibility and sensitivity to your own baby and your own family situation is the key"
Amanda works with families during all stages (age newborn-5 years old). Developing healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate. This may include working with an expectant mum during pregnancy, both parents, both parent or single parents during postpartum, with babies and children. Additionally also provides support, information, education and resources based on each individual family's sleep needs, lifestyle and culture.
Needs can be as simple as day/night organisation-to actual sleep re-organisation and training guidance.
In home Consultations, phone, email and skype available!
HypnoBirthing is a simple, straightforward program, thoughtfully developed over the years to remind mothers of the simplicity of birth itself. Just as the majority of birthing women do not need interventions and procedures for safe and healthy birth, they do not need a complex set of exercises and scripts to prepare themselves for peaceful, calm and comfortable birthing. The birthing body and the baby know just what to do. HypnoBirthing is designed to teach women to trust in Nature's way of birth and to relax and let their bodies do what is needed. By practicing a few key techniques, mothers program their minds and condition their bodies to birth easily. When it comes to programming and conditioning, variety is not necessarily a good thing. Repetition is what gets the best result.
Hypnobirthing Classes: held at The Medical Sanctuary, Benowa,
Private lessons in your own home also available.
5×2.5 hour lessons ( over 5 weeks). Commence from 20+ weeks pregnant.
Multiple Pregnancy advice available.
Baby Massage
Private Classes held on the Gold Coast, in your own home.
3 x 1 hour lessons where mums are taught how to massage their babies.
Cost $150 for course.
Discounts apply for mother's groups, or if a group class is organised.
General Information
HypnoBirthing Course from 20 weeks.
Massage for babies from 6 weeks of age.
Sleep and Settling: Consults from Maternity (Pregnancy through to 5 years of age).


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