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Dianne Caldwell

Dianne Caldwell is a certified Talent & Wealth Dynamics ‘Flow’ Consultant and passionate about delivering the life- changing ‘Profile Test’ and ‘Debrief’ that allows people to fully understand their natural talents & greatness. This process facilitates people to create the ‘flow’ they are seeking in either their business or personal life. Dianne is also a trained Performance Consultant facilitating this process from a personal ‘Individual’ level to a ‘Organisational' level in a business or a team. Dianne is part of a global team of consultants founded by world renowned entreprenuer Roger James Hamilton, who created this profile tool based on a 5,000 year old study of the ‘IChing’. This system has been utilised by over 250,000 entrepreneurs worldwide with massive success.

Dianne is based in Victoria Australia and may be contacted via email or Mobile: +61 412 860 029 .

Talent & Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

What is the Talent & Wealth Dynamics Profile Test?

What is the Talent & Wealth Dynamics Profile Test? Talent & Wealth Dynamics is the world’s number one business development pathway for accelerating ‘TRUST & FLOW’ in an organisation. To access the profile test, a unique token and link will be provided to you via email. The test takes approximately 15 minutes, after which you will receive an individual profile report also via email This report is completely unique to each person and highly detailed. During the debrief process the individual is coached through their report to fully understand how to apply the learnings and create the ‘flow’ that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. This is a POWERFUL TOOL for any entrepreneur or business owner who is feeling STUCK or overwhelmed doing the things that are not in their strengths. Put simply: ‘FLOW' is following the path of LEAST RESISTANCE and knowing how to create it.  Please contact Dianne Caldwell for a FREE 15 min consult to understand what this tool can do for you & your biz.

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